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Control Room - Studio 1

Our main studio in Spain was also our first studio, where we dubbed along the years hundred of videogames, videos, TV ads and series, as long as recorded radio programs and vocal tracks for music projects. It's the perfect ambience to record voices, getting the most natural and quality sound.

TV/Film pro dubbing

Recording booths in all of our studios are custom designed and enginereed to record TV/Cinema/Videogames vocal tracks. Different high end microphones and mobile wood panels allow us to create special audio patterns and meet specific customer needs with the highest level of quality.

Development of tools

Years of expertise and skilled programers have merged to create our own suite of tools, designed to control every step in the localization/dubbing process, from the sorting of dialogue scripts to the audiobase checking, creation of recording sessions, file cutting and naming, etc.

4 in-house studios

All of our studios have been engineered to have the same audio specifications, so we can record simultaneously in different booths with no audio differences. Our international studios match the same high quality specifications to deliver the perfect sound to our customers.

Tailored vocal recording

With a variety of small, medium or big sizes, a big choice of microphones to choose and unique multifunctional designs, our booths can be adapted to a wide range of recordings, from single to group voices, in wild or lipsync recording... all to cover many different project requirements.

State of the art facilities

Our studios have high end microphones and audio gear, as long as customized digital audio workstations; this, combined with our proprietary and exclusive tools, allow us to achieve the best result, meeting tight deadlines in high volume productions with the best quality.

Recording, postproduction and mixing facilities

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  • In-house (Spain, Ireland): 4 recordings booths, 1 video room, 2 postproduction rooms.

  • Long-term partnership: 2 studios in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio), 2 studios in USA (Los Angeles), 1 studio in Mexico, 1 studio in Lisbon, 1 studio in London.

  • Large sound stage to suit special requirements.

  • High end mics & audio gear, customized digital audio workstations...

  • Suite of proprietary hard-soft tools developed by our team to manage every step:

    • Translation and project managing.
    • Preproduction: scripts, updates, audiobase checking, voice selection, final casts...
    • Production: automatic recording sessions, session-sharing between our studios...
    • Postproduction: audio processing, file cutting and naming, localized audiobase checking...

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