23 years Translating Magic



years of experience, more than 400 localization projects, hundreds of dubbings, thousands of hours of voice recordings, millions of words translated and specialization in Spanish, Italian, American Spanish and Brazilian…
Several in house studios, production and post facilities in four countries (USA, Ireland, Spain, Brazil), highly trained project managers (coming from TV, Cinema and Publishing world), Cinema/TV Artistic Directors and actors, translation team lead by an international awarded novelist, a wide experienced QA team…

Facts and figures can describe our localization services, which have received the best reviews along the years. But they are short to define our passion, what we really do: WE TRANSLATE YOUR MAGIC

London Office

We feel lucky to be working with great customers, bright people and talented teams, and we feel proud of working in so many great titles along these years…
Some are among the most successful games in the market, some are small but brilliant pieces of art, some touched us deeply and we still are fond of them…
But, above all, all of them allowed us to grow as individuals and as a company, and to have an obscene amount of fun while working!

Being part of this incredible industry for more than two decades means we took part in so many games that it is impossible to list all of them.
Here you can have just a small glance to some of the titles we have contributed to: our recent portfolio

Describing our services is easy: full localization in Spanish, Italian, American Spanish, Brazilian...
But explaining why our customers continue entrusting us their most important projects for those more than 20 years, is not that easy.

We believe there is no magic brew to make things the right way. There is only work, experience, talent, illusion… and pushing our limits a little bit further every day.
Maybe after all, we can call it... Magic. We’ve been bringing magic to millions of players for 23 years.

A brief history of... us


decades ago videogames started to deploy a magic never seen before, immersing players in deep worlds and adventures where voices begun to play a main role. We created then in Spain the first professional full localization service to take that magic to gamers.

We gathered TV & Cinema artistic directors, scriptwriters, sound engineers, novelists, journalists and programmers in a single company. A decade later this adventure settled in Ireland and extended the services to Portugal, Brazil and USA. We kept walking along the history of videogames for these past 23 years, learning and pushing our own limits.

Hundreds of projects later, we still believe that localization is much more than converting words and voices into other language. Creativity is not really a matter of money; it is talent, effort and a real love for what you do every day. Millions of script lines translated and we still look for the best dialogues, the best jokes and references.

Thousands of hours of voice recordings and we still work hard in finding that best chemistry between actors, that magical moments, that "something unique" in the lines, voices and actings that means much more than a localised dialogue... that creates the real immersion of a gamer deep into a magical experience, regardless the language.

Our history

And now, let's translate your magic

What are you waiting for?