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Developer / Publisher
Full text and voice localization
Video & PR localization
Linguistic and QA beta testing
Spanish / Portuguese
2003 - 2008
Script adaptation, casting of characters, voice dubbing & postproduction. Ingame translations, manuals, website and additional texts. Production and mixing for TV/online videos and trailers.

More information

Recorded with the official voices from the TV series. We worked in the whole CSI saga wich included several titles for CSI Las Vegas, as long as titles for CSI New York and CSI Miami.

We also dubbed trailers and TV Spots, as well as localized all kind of marketing, online and PR content (websites, dev blogs, press kits, product sheets...).

Samples of our work

CSI Las Vegas TV Spot [SPA]
CSI New York TV Spot [SPA]
CSI Las Vegas Gameplay [SPA]
CSI Las Vegas 2 TV Spot [SPA]